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Roller Door Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

To suit businesses in any industry throughout Western Australia.

Garage & Roller Door Repairs & Installation Perth

We specialise in commercial and industrial roller door repairs and installation in Perth. We are experts in roller door and roller shutter repairs, maintenance and installation. We also specialise in garage door repairs and we service all areas in Perth, WA. It's important that you have high quality roller doors installed and that you keep them in good repair.

Door Repairs WA is ready to assist you with all of your roller & garage door installation, repairs and maintenance needs. Our team of expert technicians pride themselves on maintaining an incredibly high level of quality, yet we keep our prices competitive and friendly to your budget. No matter what type of problem you're experiencing with your roller doors, we can provide you with a free estimate, and we service anywhere in Perth.

We install, repair and maintain all brands of:

  • Domestic Roller Doors
  • Garage Roller Doors
  • Commercial Roller Doors
  • Industrial Roller Doors
  • Rapid Roller Doors
  • Industrial Roller Shutters
  • Industrial Sliding Doors
  • Industrial Bi-fold Doors
  • Commercial Entrance &¬†Fire Doors


Our roller door installation and repair services:

- Roller Door Installation. If you've just added a garage or building, Roller Door Repairs can install brand new industrial roller doors for you. Our complete installation service includes not just the roller doors, but also the track, springs, cables, handles, hinges, rollers and locks. After the industrial roller shutter is installed, we do a thorough inspection, adjust the doors to suit your roller door opening and won't leave until the job is done correctly in accordance with our high quality standards.

- Roller Door Replacement. With this service, we'll remove old or broken roller shutters and replace them, providing all of the same services included with our roller door installation.

- Roller Door Motor Service. We can install, repair or replace industrial roller door motors. This service includes everything needed to ensure that your openers are fully operational, including troubleshooting, repairs, adjustments and lubricating.

- Off-Track Roller Door/ Shutter Repairs. Garage roller doors that have come off their tracks are a serious safety hazard. Our technicians can service and repair the roller shutter quickly to prevent fall-ins and collapses.

- Sagging Roller Door Repairs. Aging garage roller doors can begin to move or sag, but this problem can be fixed by realigning and reinforcing the roller shutter. Our technicians assess the problem and determine the best way to correct it.

- Door Panel Replacement. If just one section of a garage roller door has been damaged, our technicians can often replace it and leave the rest of the door intact.

- Roller Door Part Replacement. If the rollers, cables or springs of garage doors have broken due to an accident or routine wear and tear, our technicians can repair them quickly and safely with brand new parts.

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