Roller Door Repairs

As our name suggests Door Repair WA specialises in roller door and roller shutter repairs for commercial and industrial buildings. Our highly-trained technicians are able to repair any brand of roller door or shutter you have on the premises. We stock most spare parts on board our service vehicles, ensuring that the job is completed as quickly as possible with minimum inconvenience and cost to you.

Insurance Work and Property Management

Doors can be damaged and impacted through all types of accidents and bad weather. Our company has completed numerous work for real estate agents, insurance and building companies.​
We offer a fast, reliable and professional service, and can assist with emergency repairs, replacement, securing and quoting for new doors.

Roller Door Maintenance

Door Repairs WA can offer a door maintenance program for your premises.

By servicing your roller doors every 3, 6, or 12 months (depending on use and purpose) we are able pick up any small problems before they develop into anything major and costly.

We can notify you when your roller door maintenance is due and all service work is accompanied by a written report. If any additional work is required, a quote will be supplied in writing listing parts required and the cost to carry out repairs. Regular maintenance on your doors provides a safe workplace and working environment for your employees and is proven to save money in the long run.

Why use planned maintenance programmes?

● Reduce the probability of equipment malfunctioning, decreasing the costs of major repairs.

● Provides an additional layer of safety and security for your building.

● Increases operational efficiency and reliability.

● Extends useful life of your doors for additional cost savings and productivity.

High pressure cleaning

We are now proud to offer high pressure cleaning in Perth on all industrial and commercial doors.

This service is ideal for businesses with large amounts of pollution (dust, cement, wood dust, grease etc) on and around their doors, which consequently affect its operation.

Having your doors regularly pressure cleaned can increase the life of your door and ensures smooth operation. Like maintenance a high pressure cleaning program with DRWA can be arranged.