Roller Doors and Roller Shutter Doors are built tough due to their use in industrial settings, but they are still vulnerable to damage. Forklift accidents, vandalism, weather emergencies and routine wear and tear can all result in serious damage.

No matter what the cause of the damage, ignoring commercial roller door and roller shutter problems can put your business at risk. Failing roller doors and shutters can pose a risk for injury and property damage, and they can compromise the security of your facility.

Fortunately, DRWA can get to work fast to diagnose the problem with your commercial roller door or roller shutter to get it fully operational again. ​
When you call DRWA for industrial roller door and roller shutter repairs, you can be certain that we'll respond quickly and get to the bottom of the problem fast. Our team of expert technicians will discuss with you what is wrong and provide you with all the available solutions to fix the problem.


Our years of experience working with industrial roller doors and roller shutters has taught us that regular maintenance can go a long way toward saving our customers money and sparing them from inconvenient commercial roller door and roller shutter repairs in the future That's why our expert technicians are always available to perform routine maintenance check-ups. Our safety checks assess every aspect of industrial roller door and shutter operation to spot any potential problems and get them fixed before trouble can arise.

● Reduce the probability of equipment malfunctioning, decreasing the costs of major repairs.
● Provides an additional layer of safety and security for your building.
● Increases operational efficiency and reliability.
● Extends useful life of your doors for additional cost savings and productivity.

High pressure cleaning

We are now proud to offer high pressure cleaning in Perth on all industrial and commercial doors.

This service is ideal for businesses with large amounts of pollution (dust, cement, wood dust, grease etc) on and around their doors, which consequently affect its operation.

Having your doors regularly pressure cleaned can increase the life of your door and ensures smooth operation. Like maintenance a high pressure cleaning program with DRWA can be arranged.